Are You Ready for the Dimensional Weight Changes? Download Our Free Guide!

By now you’ve probably heard that both of the major shipping companies have announced that they will be charging all packages for dimensional weight starting in 2015 (read the official press releases here).

I get the sense that some people might see us as Chicken Little, yelling that the sky is falling over this price change.  But this change could increase your shipping costs an average of 30%!

Do you know what impact this will have on your company? Are you prepared for the coming changes?

Fortunately we’ve made this handy guide to walk you through all the ins and outs of the coming dimensional weight changes. This guide includes:

  • Statistics on how many shipments the change will affect, and the magnitude of the cost changes.
  • A brief primer on Packsize’s On Demand Packaging®, and how it can help reduce these charges.
  • A guide to which box sizes are most likely to get hit with DIM charges, and how much it will cost them.
  • How to calculate dimensional weight on your own.
  • And more!

So download your guide today! We’ll help you navigate every aspect of the coming dimensional weight changes.


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