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Corrugated Box Making

Packsize knows that the technology behind the scenes of a company is what makes the difference in customer service and overall economic success. The best box making technology for your company's unique products will make substantial long-term improvements in your supply chain efficiency. With our patented box making machinery, Packsize can help you achieve those goals.

Efficiency is what will help your company get an edge over your competitors, and the EM7 and EM6 machines can help you do that. As corrugated box making machines, these two products help you eliminate waste in the box cutting process. Both machines have the ability to create right-sized boxes that fit your products perfectly, ultimately reducing the amount of materials your company must purchase and use to ship your products. All of these factors contribute to lower production costs as well as lower shipping costs.

Our packaging machinery is engineered in Sweden and uses longitudinal and transverse cutting methods to handle the most difficult custom box designs. The EM7 and EM6 box making machines are designed to create perforated lines along with handles and holes in the material to make the assembling and moving of the boxes easier. Both machines also allow for reversed board feeding so you can make the most of your purchased materials.

Packsize Makes it Easy

Could your company benefit from up to 20 percent savings with Packsize corrugated box making services? Many leading businesses have already seen the cost savings of our box making machinery and still haven't gone back to buying conventional boxes. In addition to savings, these companies also benefit from ease of use, efficiency, and increased satisfaction of their customers.

For a free, no obligation analysis to learn more about what our corrugated box making equipment can do for your company, click the "Request More Info" button below.

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