Busiest Online Shopping Day of the Year

Step aside Black Friday, Cyber Monday is taking the cake. Despite popular belief, Black Friday does not take the cake when it comes to all things sales. They may own the title to the busiest shopping day of the year in-store, Cyber Monday owns the title for the busiest shopping day of the year online.

For those that don’t know what Cyber Monday is, it’s the virtual Black Friday. Everyone on the web is trying to compete with each other for the lowest prices for the attention of online shoppers. This year, Amazon.com offered up to 60 percent off on their Panasonic TVs. Kmart was found to have been selling diamond earrings at 75 percent off. Similar deals were to be had everywhere on the web, and the best thing is, customers didn’t have to wait in line.



Save a server crash or extremely slow internet connections, customers had instant access to all of these deals without camping out or hurting their feet. They had their products ordered and in the mail in the time it would’ve taken them to run to the product in-store. You can’t beat the speed of purchasing online on Cyber Monday.

Large amounts of purchases translate directly into large amounts of shipping this week. Millions of packages are travelling around the country at this very moment, rushing to doorsteps everywhere. Companies have quite the task to get everything to the right places on time.

Cyber Monday also kicks off the busiest packaging month of the year: December. Packages will be flying everywhere all month long.

Times are just busy. If you missed this year’s Cyber Monday, plan on it next year, and see just how easy it is to have someone else package and send you the products you want.