Consumers Care about Sustainable Product Packaging

The quality and appeal of a product isn’t the only thing consumers consider when deciding whether or not to buy. Today’s consumers are more conscious about the environment and want the brands they choose to be committed to green and sustainable practices. Being eco-friendly is no longer a marketing ploy to target a specific demographic of shoppers; now it’s a necessity for retailers who want to remain relevant in a competitive market to focus on box making.

The modern consumer is more aware of the hazards of potential packaging materials, such as Styrofoam® and plastics, and knows where they end up. Consumers understand that wasteful and non-recyclable materials end up in landfills, where they can threaten the Earth and human health.

Consumers Prefer Sustainability 

A recent survey found the majority of shoppers take eco-friendly packaging and sustainable practices into account when they shop. Of those surveyed, 57% said green packaging is important to them, while 61% said they take it into account when deciding where to shop. Additionally, 55% have considered an online retailer’s overall carbon footprint, and 64% have considered the sustainability of supply practices when choosing brands.

In a similar survey, 75% said they feel it’s important for companies to use as little packaging as possible and that packaging should be recyclable. Nearly two-thirds said packaging should be made from environmentally-friendly material, while 55% said it should contain as little plastic as possible. While most consumers prefer sustainable packaging and practices, many are also willing to pay for more for them, according to Neilson.

Becoming More Sustainable

It’s clear that consumers prefer green companies. To enhance customer satisfaction and minimize your environmental impact, you need to rethink your packaging. Are you using materials that are recyclable, reusable and biodegradable, while limiting the amount of material used?

To improve your packaging, utilize packaging design software. With packaging design software from Packsize, you can make the right-sized box you need, in real-time, for the item you need to ship. By using the smallest box size possible, you use less corrugated material, while eliminating wasted space and the need for filler material, like packaging peanuts. The result? Fewer trees cut and landfills filled, cleaner air and water, and happier customers.

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