Four Side Effects of Packsize Packaging That You Might Not Know About

We talk quite a bit about the obvious benefits of On Demand Packaging®. It’s obvious that smaller boxes reduce the amount of corrugated cardboard that you’ll use, and that using less material is a good move for sustainability.

But there are quite a few other benefits that Packsize offers that aren’t quite as conspicuous, and that you might not have immediately thought of after hearing our value proposition. Here are a few for you to consider:

  1. You’ll free up warehouse space. How much of your warehouse is taken up by box inventory? If you carry more than a couple of SKUs of boxes, then chances are that you’ve got over a dozen pallets of boxes in your warehouse. On Demand Packaging® simplifies your box inventory to just corrugated, and allows you to infinitely increase the number of SKUs you’re shipping. The only two factors that will increase the new amount of box inventory you have will be the number of corrugated grades you need and the number of boxes you ship.
  2. You’ll reduce labor. Many of our customers package larger items like cabinets and furniture. Before Packsize, these customers often resorted to creative and convoluted ways to package their items safely. Some of them even resorted to cutting their own boxes by hand. Besides basically guaranteeing that you’ll eventually have an employee cut their hand, these methods took a lot of time and energy. Packsize’s machines are able to cut boxes faster than most people can fill them, so you’re employees will have less work to do per box.
  3. You’ll increase throughput. Since each box is produced on demand, at the moment you need it; and since it can be assembled and packaged easier, you’ll be able to do more with less. Send out more orders every day with less frustration, inventory management, and hard work.
  4. You’ll minimize damages. Most damages to packages occur because an item was packaged poorly or incorrectly. Damaged goods are particularly costly for companies. They cost three times as much in shipping (to the customer, back to the company, then back to the customer) and twice as much in inventory. And after the problem is solved, you’ve still irreparably hurt your brand image. With Packsize, every box is made to fit your products like a glove, minimizing the risk of expensive damages.

There are several other ways that Packsize can help improve your supply chain. If you’d like to get started, just request a free, no-obligation packaging analysis from us. All you have to do is click the link below: