Global Cardboard Challenge


Have you heard of Caine? Probably. An internet sensation, Caine built an entire arcade out of cardboard. One day, Nirvan Mullick stopped by an auto parts store to purchase a new door handle for his car. In a small area that was attached to the auto parts store, he saw Caine’s arcade. 

Caine had spent his summer break building different arcade games out of cardboard. He hadn’t had customers come into his arcade yet, but Nirvan changed that. Nirvan first spent time in the arcade himself and then he organized a flash mob.  The flash mob came to Caine’s arcade to play his cardboard arcade games.

After making a video about the flash mob, Nirvan posted the video on the internet.  He hoped to use the video to raise $25,000 for Caine to use for his education. The first day that the video was posted, Nirvan was able to raise $60,000!

If you haven’t met Caine, you’ve got to watch the video! An innovative thinker and creative young man, Caine has inspired people all over the world.

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This September, Caine’s Arcade Imagination Foundation, which raises money for innovative and creative children, issued The Gobal Cardboard Challenge. The challenge is to build something creative using only cardboard, recycled goods, and your imagination. The event will culiminate on Oct 6th with local cardboard challenge events. Find where your local challenges will be held! 

The call has gone out. The Global Cardboard Challenge is an opportunity to strut your cardboard creativity. So, strap on your thinking cap and create something wonderful out of cardboard, you won’t regret it!