Greenest Super Bowl Ever


American football, with all of its bone crushing hits, blurring speed, and dazzling displays of athleticism, has become the most beloved spectating sport for the American people.  And the crowning jewel of the professional football season is the Super Bowl.

The NFL’s yearly showbiz barrage known as the Super Bowl draws thousands of ticket-holding fans to the stadium of competition and millions of eager viewers to their television screens.  It is a literal financial gold mine for the league and the many sponsors and partnering corporations as the one nominally designated super game of football provides the stage for a number of fiscal advantages for hundreds of companies and individuals. 

But in recent years the Super Bowl has also been a platform for the sponsorship and advertising campaigns of those companies who are going green.  The NFL and their partners have made significant efforts in the past to lessen the carbon footprint left by the yearly extravaganza known as the Super Bowl and these efforts have culminated in this year’s Super Bowl XLVII being the greenest ever played.

In a program designate Geaux Green (pronounced Go Green spelled with a French twist), the City of New Orleans and the NFL, along with various partner companies, are teaming up to promote awareness and encourage environmentally friendly practices by Super Bowl fans.  Each act on their Geaux Green website encourages individuals to change small behaviors to cumulate into a large scale effort of going green.

Riding bikes to and from Super Bowl events is just one example of the green practices that the city and the NFL are encouraging individuals to agree to.  Other more dramatic efforts on the part of the NFL that will make this the greenest Super Bowl ever played include the donation of up to 7,000 trees to replenish the natural forests in the region and to aid with the reduction of greenhouse gasses produced by the event. 

By encouraging each individual to make a conscious effort to go green, and by taking steps to aid the environment themselves, the city of New Orleans, the NFL, and their partnering companies are working to make Super Bowl XLVII the greenest Super Bowl in the history of professional football.