How a Box Making Machine can help your Manufacturing Business


We’ve been talking about how different industries can benefit from On Demand Packaging® over the last couple of months (you can read more about them here: Print MarketingCabinetryFulfillmentWindows and Doors). This post is a continuation of that series.

Today I’d like to talk about another, very large industry we specialize in—manufacturing. Manufacturing may sound like a catch-all industry where we put all the companies that don’t fit anywhere else, but despite the apparent differences between all the companies in this industry, the reasons they choose to use Packsize are often the same.

A lot of the manufacturing companies that we service work a lot with custom orders. The flexibility that On Demand Packaging® offers allows these companies to make small runs of products without worrying about paying extra for small quantities of corrugated, or risk ordering a large quantity of boxes that will sit on the shelf and never be used.

These customers are more likely to need different types of packaging because their products change frequently. Using Packsize allows them to greatly reduce their corrugated inventory while still allowing them the ultimate in packaging flexibility.


What’s our secret?

How can manufacturing companies manage so many different types of packaging? Well, most of these companies that use Packsize have an article database that stores all the different items they need. These articles, or box designs, can be modified if needed. Companies are free to store as many or as few as they like.

A traditional supplier would charge to have a new design made, and would then have to cut the boxes and ship them to the company. This can be time consuming and a headache when running on a tight schedule.

With On Demand Packaging®, a new package design can be created on site or uploaded to the machine remotely, and the machine can start producing the exact number of boxes needed instantaneously.

What other benefits are there?

If you’re interested in the following benefits, then On Demand Packaging® might be for you:

  • Saving up to 20 percent in packaging costs by using less corrugated
  • Meeting client production and delivery timelines
  • Reducing product damages due to shipping
  • Eliminating box management and inventory
  • Simplifying your supply chain

We offer a number of different options in terms of solutions. The best machine for a manufacturing company will depend on the volume and type of packaging they need. You can take a look at our different machines at this page.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer, send us a note by clicking on the link below: