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Goldie and the Three Boxes

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Packsize International Becomes Largest Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Utah

Rocky Mountain Power today awarded Packsize International with a  $111,280 incentive check to recognize the availability of 50 Level 2 electric vehicle chargers on premise, creating the largest electric vehicle charging installation in Utah.

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Dealing with the Holiday Rush is So Much Easier with a Custom Box-Making Machine

There’s a reason why companies look forward to “Black Friday” and the shot at considerable income and profits it offers them. We can add the U.S. Postal Service to the list of those raking in the revenue this holiday season. Recent media reports indicate that the USPS expects to deliver 10 percent more packages this winter compared to last season. Specifically, that means 15 billion pieces of mail and some 850 million parcels between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

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Packsize International Partners with Bell and Howell to Expand Preferred Service and Support for its On Demand Packaging® Solutions

Bell and Howell today announced its selection as a preferred partner by Packsize International, a leading manufacturer of custom packaging solutions. As a preferred partner, Bell and Howell will extend Packsize’s capacity to service and support a wide range of corrugated On Demand Packaging® machines.

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10 Common LTL Accessorial Fees, and How You Can Avoid Them

LTL accessorial fees may be costing you more in shipping goods. With permission from Unyson, we wanted to share with our Packsize customers how to save money on common Less-Than-Truckload accessorial fees.

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Product Packaging Design: A Reliable Way To Avoid Shipping Risks

After eyeing a product online, committing to a purchase and waiting patiently for its arrival, few things are more disappointing than discovering that the item was damaged during shipping. We understand that mistakes happen, but getting a refund or replacement can be a real hassle. Those with limited free time are even more disadvantaged.

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An in-Depth Guide to Box Maker’s Certificates

Back in 2012, Packsize posted a blog post titled, “Do you need a Box Maker’s Certificate? To this day, we still get questions regarding Box Maker’s Certificates. This article is to address how to get information about Box Maker’s Certificates, the requirements for having a certificate, and additional regulations relating to shipping fiberboard corrugated boxes.

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Invasion of the Corrugated Frightmares

It started off innocently. I ordered a DVD online, then a watch from China. But online shopping was so easy to do, but that’s when the Corrugated Frightmare began.


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Shipping Revolution Needs More Companies Switching To On Demand Boxes

Everybody has their reasons. Be it environmental concerns, sheer convenience or cutting-edge preferences, the way we get goods in the mail is changing and it’s for the best. We’re specifically talking about shipping here and it’s safe to say that the industry—like many other century-old traditions—is undergoing a much-needed modern revolution. One of the reasons for this shift is an on-demand service, which allows companies to design and produce custom corrugated boxes. The end result is a box that is so much more than just a box.

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Free Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Businesses Now Available through Leaders for Clean Air

Leaders for Clean Air (LFCA) today announced a partnership with Rocky Mountain Power to increase the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Utah. Available immediately, LFCA is providing qualified businesses across the Wasatch Front a Level 2 EV Charger, free of charge. An online form is provided to register.

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