Mark Your Calendars – Webinar on June 26th

Pop Quiz. What should you be doing on Wednesday, June 26th, at 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time?

  • A: Grilling a double cheeseburger
  • B: Hot Yoga
  • C: Working on a summer tan
  • D: Tuning into a webinar that you can register for here.

If you answered A, that’s incorrect. But please save me a burger anyway. The correct answer is D! Two of our partners who helped get Packsize to where we are today are SAP and Bramasol. During our company’s early development, we decided to implement the SAP Business-All-In-One solution. Now, as a globally recognized company, our business is able to scale to meet the demanding needs of customers like Staples.


Emil Bohn

Emil Bohn


During this webinar, you will learn what it took for Packsize to gain visibility and how SAP and Bramasol were part of our company’s decision. The webinar will last about one hour, including Q&A time. Packsize presenters will include Emil Bohn (pronounced A-mill), Global VP of Organizational Effectiveness & Human Resources and Brent Cowan, Packsize Global Controller.  They’ll give us a peek into the future too! We hope you are able to join …the link to register for the Webinar is here.