on demand packaging

What is On Demand Packaging®?

Quite simply, On Demand Packaging® is a revolutionary packaging system that lets companies produce the right-sized box exactly when they need it. It removes any worry and cost associated with paying too much for box inventory, void filler, inefficient use of warehouse space, and many other packaging-related problems. In essence, On Demand Packaging® is the latest evolution in lean manufacturing.

Packsize On Demand Packaging® improves the old "store and retrieve" packaging process by placing a corrugated converting machine with a very small footprint together with a stack of corrugated material directly on the pack line. This gives workers the ability to instantly create a box that perfectly matches the product that is to be packaged and shipped.

Cost Savings Performance Other Customers By more intelligently managing corrugated material, companies can save on average 35% in total packaging costs, limit the quantity of damaged items, and reduce their packaging's overall environmental impact on the planet.

Packsize Makes it Easy

It's not always easy to modify established supply chain processes. However, with Packsize On Demand Packaging®, there is no upfront capital requirement or disruption to existing packaging capabilities. Additionally, Packsize engineers provide box design expertise and yield analysis improvement recommendations as well as deliver ongoing technical support and maintenance. Contact us today to get a free box analysis and to find out how much On Demand Packaging® can save your company.

Packsize ® is a registered trademark of Packsize International LLC

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