Packsize celebrates 12 years of On Demand Packaging®, and is looking for new talent

In 2002, Packsize introduced a new business model. For the first time in history, companies could create their own boxes in whatever size they needed, at the moment they needed it. This was the beginning of On Demand Packaging® and the start of a new industry.

Twelve years later, Packsize is no longer a young, start-up company, and is now growing faster than ever.

In those twelve years, Packsize has saved:

  • 605,235 trees
  • 106,816 cubic meters of landfill
  • 42,147,900 kilograms of CO2

And all of this is a result of simply making smaller boxes.

I was interning with Packsize two years ago when we celebrated our ten-year anniversary in the same park you see pictured above. We could easily fit the entire office staff and their families under the pavilion back then. Now it seems that we’ve outgrown the space and will have to move somewhere else next year.

And we will continue to move forward. We’re planning on making On Demand Packaging® an industry standard across the globe, and in order to do this, we need the best talent we can find.

So it’s on that note I’d like to point out that Packsize is always looking for new people who share our vision of creating smarter packaging for a healthier planet. Currently, we are hiring for multiple positions in six different locations. If you’re interested in joining our team, have a passion for making the world a better place, and would like to have fun while doing it, click the button below to learn more about available careers.


P.S. Special congratulations are in order to Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner and his son, who won the yearly Packsize tennis tournament this year, as well as every year we hold the tournament!