Packsize Introduces New Automated Packaging Gluer

SALT LAKE CITY—September 1, 2010 — Packsize International LLC today announced the addition of the GL2 Automated Gluer to its on-demand corrugate packaging system. Boosting the productivity gain Packsize customers already realize from their right-sized on demand packaging line operations, the company will begin installing the new patent-pending GL2 during September 2010.

The Packsize EM7 machine delivers a cut and creased flat box while the line operator manually folds the previously produced box. This is then inserted into the Packsize GL2 which automatically creates a manufacturer’s glue joint, providing a continuous flow of right-sized boxes.

Combining the EM7 and GL2 footprints results in a small and efficient “pack cell,” thus greatly reducing the wasted time and energy associated with transporting and selecting a box in a packing process that benefits from right-sized packaging on demand.

According to Packsize Engineer Ryan Osterhout, “The GL2 is especially ideal for the  right-sized on demand packaging process because it provides the flexibility to meet multiple packing application requirements while improving efficiencies associated with the gluing process.”

The EM7 makes it possible for those companies with extremely high volumes or very little floor space to have perfect-fit packaging, which significantly reduces supply chain waste.

About Packsize International LLC

Founded in 2002, Packsize International LLC is the world’s leading provider of lean packaging solutions for businesses with complex corrugated packaging needs. The Packsize system delivers an alternative to the existing corrugated supply chain with “Right-sized Packaging on Demand®” which eliminates the need for large inventories of pre-ordered cardboard boxes, reducing the “footprint” of the packaging supply chain, and trimming work content required for boxing and shipping. For more information, visit or call 801.944.4814, x102.
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