Packsize’s Four Sustain-ovations

Packsize recognizes that it has a role and responsibility in protecting and improving the state of the environment for future generations. We want to make sure that we lead by example when it comes to sustainability. Green initiatives are more than just a PR buzzword here—they are deeply ingrained in our company culture.

We call them sustain-ovations, and they fall into four broad categories:

Our Sustainability Statement

Packsize is committed to smarter packaging for a healthier planet. This means less material, less fuel, and a lower carbon footprint. We want to make sure that doing business with us means greater sustainability for your company and a healthier planet for everyone. We talk a lot about the numerous ways that On Demand Packaging® can help your company reduce environmental and packaging waste, but our most in-depth guide on how we do that is definitely our sustainability statement, which is available for free download below:

Renewable Resources

All of our z-Fold™ is supplied by certified fiber sourcing programs such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). While the average box is 46% recycled fiber, Packsize customers who use z-Fold™ will be producing boxes that are 97% recycled fiber.

The EPA reports that 17 trees are saved for every ton of paper that is recycled. When a company switches to On Demand Packaging, they typically use 20% less corrugated than they did previously, which is equivalent to saving 237 trees for every million square feet of corrugated previously used.

Renewable Energy Sources

We do everything we can to make sure that our offices are powered by renewable energy sources, including wind, water, and solar, and nuclear power in our Swedish factory.

PackLab, our new demo center in Salt Lake City,  recently had 102 solar panels installed that generate 31,000 watts of electricity. This is enough power to run 500 light bulbs, 103 25″ television sets, or about 109 PCs and laptops. Any surplus energy goes back into the city’s power grid.

Social Contribution

We encourage businesses and consumers alike to educate themselves on environmental issues as well as do their part in protecting the environment. Our packaging initiative encourages visitors to take a stand against bad packaging and to share their photos and videos of the wasteful packaging they receive.

In addition to that, Packsize’s growing company fleet is made up of hybrid and electric vehicles. We provide charging stations for employees at all of our offices and encourage other businesses to do the same. When a Packsize representative visits a company, they produce 85% less emissions than the average visitor.

If you would like to learn more about what On Demand Packaging® can do for you, download our latest infographic white paper by clicking the link below: