If you're looking for box making machinery that can fulfill even the most complex box-making requirements, the EM7-25 is the answer. Holding multiple patents, this packaging machine makes right-sized On Demand Packaging® a reality.

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For large box production, the EM6 box making machinery is the choice for companies in a variety of industries including windows and doors, plastic and metal manufacturing, furniture, fulfillment, and printing and marketing.

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Auto Gluer

In many industries, the glue that holds the box together is just as important as the quality of the box itself. The Auto Gluer II by Packsize works with the EM6 or EM7 packaging machinery, allowing the operator to glue RSC or FOL boxes in less than five seconds.

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Cassette Changer

As an add-on for the EM7-25, companies can improve their cost savings even more with the ability to increase the corrugated bales loaded into the box making machinery.

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IQ Fusion 2™

The iQ Fusion 2™ is the latest packaging technology innovation in the family of On Demand Packaging® solutions. This machine, along with PackNet software and hardware accessories, provides a total solution for companies requiring customized cartons and faster throughput--all in a small space.

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