Record Holiday Shipping Numbers Expected

The holiday season traditionally brings joy to children across the nation, as it is expected to do again this year.  But this holiday season may also bring a joyful boom of business to packaging and shipping companies and agencies around the country as well.

The projected explosion of business for companies such as UPS and Fed Ex as well as for the United States Postal Service, or USPS, is staggering.  It is estimated that the USPS alone will handle over 18 billion cards, letters, and packages that will be shipped across the nation from Thanksgiving through the end of the year.


Additionally, around three hundred and sixty five million of those items will be packages shipped by the USPS.  According to USPS officials that number alone is up twenty percent from last year’s holiday totals.

Experts agree that the sharp increase in packages being shipped around the nation from loved ones to loved ones can be mostly attributed to the increased prevalence in the use of e-commerce or purchasing items online to be shipped by the provider.  The internet has allowed for gifts to be bought and shipped from one area of the country to another with the customer never setting foot outside their own home.

This increase in packaging has done its fair share of damage, however.  Landfills are the final resting place of most holiday packaging but other companies are working out this problem as well.  Packsize’s on demand packaging, for example, creates the right sized box for each individual package thereby limiting the amount of wasted packaging supplies that ends up in the nations landfills.