Right Sized Packaging Meets Digital Printing at Graphic Tech

In our latest case study video, we go inside Southern California’s leading printing firm to see how On Demand Packaging® has optimized their operations. In the video, we interview Graphic Tech’s Chief Operations Jim Blee and  Assistant General Manager, John Hardin, about how Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® has helped improve their supply chain and make their jobs easier. Watch it below!


Graphic Tech is a dynamic graphics company that can take your marketing ideas and transform them into award-winning in-store graphics. The firm has clients in the entertainment, automotive, retail, food service, and banking industries. It’s almost impossible to drive more than 15 minutes in any domestic metropolitan area without seeing some of Graphic Tech’s work.

After converting to digital printing, Graphic Tech was in need of a packaging system that would keep pace with their production demands.

In 2011, Graphic Tech installed a Packsize EM6-50. The machine not only makes outer-cartons of any size and shape, but also produces some very specialized inner-cartons that are used for shipping printed material.

This new capability has revolutionized Graphic Tech’s shipping logistics. “By partnering with Packsize, we can make the shipping boxes—even for our large format orders—as the customer’s order is printed, translating to a right-sized box at the exact time it is needed, and no overruns left to gather dust,” says Jim Blee, Graphic Tech COO.

If you would like to read more about Graphic Tech and their Packsize integration, download our case study PDF by clicking the link below: