Sandy’s Impact on Shipping

Hurricane Sandy ripped across the east coast two weeks ago. The thing that made her truly destructive was when she got mixed up with a powerful, low-pressure winter storm traveling east across the Atlantic. The resulting personality was unfriendly and hurtful to the people and industries it touched.

The shipping industry was no exception. Downed trees and power lines in New Jersey are affecting shipping crew’s ability to get packages and mail to the right places in that state. They have crossed roads and impeded traffic.


Until every tree and every power line can be picked up, there are expected to be delays in your packages. In places like New York, Long Island, and Connecticut, UPS is seeing success with its localized ground service. They have been able to continue making deliveries in most of these areas. The Red Cross and volunteers are constantly working on clearing up these roads and full service is expected to return shortly.

Natural disasters have a way of destabilizing things for a while. Modern technology and hardworking Americans are making quick headway in getting things back to normal. You can expect that in no time at all, the shipping industry will be back to normal.

For more information on the specifics of Hurricane Sandy, visit Wikipedia’s article about the storm.