Fulfillment & Ecommerce

  • Reduce shipping costs and dimensional charges
  • Minimize the use of void fill
  • Eliminate product damages
    due to package size
  • Decrease environmental
    impact and Increase customer satisfaction

From the consumer’s point of view, fulfillment and delivery are important aspects of the buying process.

Savvy consumers use the Internet to find the right product at the right price. And today’s focus on the environment means these consumers also want to be good stewards. They need the right product at the right price to arrive in smart packaging that won’t end up in the local landfill.

Fulfillment packaging issues can go quickly go from immaterial, to irritant, to issue and, finally, to intolerable. The delivery then becomes a deal-killer. With Packsize, inventory and shipping complexities are a thing of the past since the fulfillment company is able to create a custom-sized box for every order. Consumer complaints are practically eliminated. Ecommerce companies that use this efficient and cost-effective packaging system are finding significant process improvements and overall savings that are better than originally projected.

By optimizing order size, material requirements, and packaging throughput, the Packsize just-in-time system drives broad inventory management results by quickly responding to varying product size and shipping challenges. A leading sustainable business practice, On Demand Packaging® results in less waste, lower shipping costs, decreased damage rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

Packsize ® is a registered trademark of Packsize International LLC

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