Ship the Product, Not the Packaging.

If package sizes are creating waste and damage, reduce your carbon footprint with Packsize®.

Cut Down on Quality Complaints

Do your customer complain about wasteful packaging? Eliminate the need for peanuts, air pillows, and paper by using On Demand Packaging®—while creating the right-sized boxes for your shipments in real time. Create less waste, reduce product damage and get repeat business.

Packaging Made to Order

Sync your online orders with your packaging line. Packsize’s software allows your system to communicate with Packsize’s machines so a perfect box is made on the spot. Make the right box each time for every shipment…in seconds.

Minimize Your Unsustainable Void Fill

With On Demand Packaging®, there is little need for air or peanuts. Using the right-sized box means your products will be packaged more securely and efficiently.

Faster Fulfillment Through Technology

Get orders out faster! Packsize software sends instructions to our machine within your distribution center to create a perfectly-sized box just in time to be packed. This speeds up your production workflow, enabling your company to get orders out to customers quickly, improving customer satisfaction from process to packaging.

Simple Solutions to Nagging Problems

On Demand Packaging® machines integrate with any ordering system to produce the boxes you need. They work just like a printer, only instead of printing paper documents, they print the perfectly sized box, every time.

These companies ship their products with Packsize.

“This has been a pain point for our customers that we have been able to solve, and we have seen great responses from customers in those places where we have already deployed the [Packsize] system. Many times when you make investments in your supply chain, you are competing for capital with other parts of the company. This is one of the few times where the business unit heads are pushing the supply chain to implement the solution faster because it’s been such a win-win for everybody.”

– Don Ralph, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Logistics, Staples

Reduce Packaging Waste With Packsize.