• Save money by using less corrugated
  • Meet client production and delivery timelines
  • Reduce product damages due to shipping
  • Eliminate box management and inventory

The customer wants more for less, and they want it fast.

In reply, today’s world-class organizations are eliminating non-value added activities, optimizing processes, and balancing capacity to become agile, cost-effective producers.

Recognizing that their manufacturing performance has become a competitive weapon, several manufacturers are employing On Demand Packaging®. Packsize simplifies supply chain complexities to give manufacturers the ability to build what is needed when it is needed.

By creating custom-sized boxes for variable-sized products, the Packsize system addresses box and fill inventory control and obsolescence that optimizes the manufacturer’s order size and material requirements. While benefitting from savings of up to 20 percent, manufacturers using Packsize also achieve a smaller packaging footprint, lower labor costs, less waste, and increased product protection.

Packsize ® is a registered trademark of Packsize International LLC

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