Take A Stand Against Wasteful Packaging

Packsize has taken a stand against bad packaging and now we’re asking you to do so as well. On our green website, you can find a petition that will help you take a stand against bad packaging as well. This petition asks you to put your name to the cause of green packaging. By signing, you commit to making a stand against wasted space and production. Join the cause and make a stand for conserving the precious environment we’ve been given. To find the petition visit our new website www.packsize.com/green and click on the “take a stand” tab, or scroll down untill you see the petition. Once you have signed the petition, share it with your friends through email or on facebook, twitter, or pinterest! 

Inefficient packaging is a real problem in today’s business world. Every day millions of boxes are shipped around the country. Many of them are far too large for the products they harbor.

The reason for this waste of space could be in the name of “protecting” products. In this example, 3 boxes were used and filled with packaging pillows to help cushion the nested glass bowls. This particular package most likely didn’t come from a company, but instead from a private shipper. The concept is still very real among businesses that ship their products in mass every day.

On average, 40% of all packaging is empty space taken up by packing peanuts and air pillows. The boxes are simply too big. That means resources and factories are being overused to fill empty space. That empty space could save 1) the atmosphere the extra emissions from over-production of packing peanuts, and 2) the landfills 76 million tons of wasted packaging every year.

That’s why Packsize has stepped in with the creation of a new product that will eliminate these problems. Packsize’s packaging machine creates boxes just the right size for every package. You simply input the dimensions you need and the machine makes your box for you. The custom sized boxes reduce excessive trash, packaging materials needed, and actually increases the safety of your product. Snugly packaged products are safer.