The Cost of Shipping Air With Non-Custom Packaging

Shipping products has become a necessity for almost every company that deals with customers across the United States. As more and more companies become global, shipping internationally will also continue to become more of a necessity. Often times consumers are concerned about the cost of shipping but do not give a second thought to the process by which a company develops and decides on a shipping method. Unbeknownst to many, there are many different ways that a company can choose to develop their shipping.

Packaging FillerMany companies have specific box sizes that they keep on hand.  These box sizes are filled with different products depending on what the customer has ordered.  This often means that there is extra space within the package. A recent study showed that 65 percent of a package is often just air being shipped. Throughout the nation and all around the world there are companies paying for air to be shipped because packages are too large.


Companies often have to fill this air to ensure that their product is shipped safely. This is why package fillers are used.  When you open your product and you find that there are fillers inside, you can acknowledge that you have just been shipped air. Custom packaging solves this issue.

Other companies choose to customize their packing and shipping strategy. They develop custom packaging on site that will fit their products snugly. Customized shipping often takes out that 65% of air that many companies are paying to ship. As a result of the company paying to ship this air, customers often pay to ship some of the air as well.

So, the next time you get a package take a good look at it. Were you just paying to ship air?