Unlocking the Savings of On Demand Packaging®



We’ve just released a new video, and this one’s a real beauty. Titled “Unlock the Savings of On Demand Packaging®,” this video is one of those fancy whiteboard animations that are all the rage right now—and for good reason. They’re an excellent way to communicate information in a way that’s informative, visual, and entertaining.

In this clip, we’ll see that there are 11 different ways Packsize saves you money. Unlocking these savings is kind of like unlocking a safe; you might not realize how much savings there are until the “safe” is opened. Here are the 11 different ways we can save your company money:

  1. Use less corrugated: Our average customer uses 20% less corrugated after they’ve switched to Packsize.
  2. Minimize void fill: Boxes that fit right means that you’ll have almost no empty space that will need to be filled with materials like air pillows or packing peanuts.
  3. Reduce box management: Because the boxes are produced on demand, you won’t have to manage a large inventory of them.
  4. Optimize warehouse space: In conjunction with #3, the small machine footprint and lack of box inventory means you’ll have a lot more space in your warehouse for other purposes.
  5. Reduce labor: In many cases, fewer employees will be able to achieve the same or better cycle time they had pre-Packsize.
  6. Reduce infrastructure: With smaller box sizes, customers won’t need as much supply chain infrastructure like conveyor belts or delivery vans to fulfill their orders.
  7. Increase throughput: Packsize allows companies to turn their customer’s orders around quicker than they would be able to without it.
  8. Minimize damages: On Demand Packaging® eliminates most shipping related product damages.
  9. Reduce shipping costs: Smaller packages means smaller DIM charges and better shipping rates.
  10. Increased sustainability: You’ll use less cardboard, less filler material, and reduce your Carbon footprint.
  11. Increased customer satisfaction: Because nobody likes to throw away a mountain of packing materials.