What’s in packaging’s future?

Contrary to what the above image implies, you don’t need a psychic or a crystal ball to tell you what future trends we’re going to see in packaging. All you need to do is study what your consumers want and make sure you give it to them before your competition.

A recent survey conducted by Sealed Air and published in Modern Materials Handling tells us just that.

We’ve been saying for a while now that companies need to treat their packaging as more than just a necessary business expense.

Packaging is part of your customer’s brand experience. Consumers recognize that a company that cares about something as inconsequential as their packaging also cares about all other aspects of their business.

That’s what we’ve been saying. Now it’s obvious that your consumers are saying it as well.

  • 66 percent say that packaging tells them how much the retailer cares about them and their order.
  • 48 percent say packaging reflects the value of that shipment.

More tellingly, the survey hints that these attitudes are on the rise:

  • The viewpoint that packaging reflects the value of the shipment is significantly more prevalent in younger consumers than older ones.
  • 68 percent of respondents say they’re more aware of packaging materials and design today than they were five years ago.

I believe the reasons for this are pretty obvious.

First, you have the rise of Apple style packaging. This is packaging that is so seamlessly integrated with its product that unboxing it has become its own genre of YouTube video. This is an example of something people didn’t know they wanted until it started being used more often in luxury goods. A well-packaged product sends a message about what kind of company the product is from.

The second reason consumers are increasingly attaching the value of a product to its packaging is the increase in internet retailing. As more and more people replace their in-store shopping habits with online ones, the number of boxes they have sent to their house has greatly increased.

Nobody wants to have to deal with the excessive amount of void filler that comes with an oversized box. But what they want even less is a damaged product on delivery. The leading cause of damaged products is poor packaging—most often in the form of empty space in the box.

So what do these sentiments tell us about where packaging is going in the future? Based on this survey, my most educated guesses are:

  • Smaller packaging that protects products better (as well as lots of other things)
  • Better branding through customized packaging
  • Creative packaging that can stand out from the competition

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