You won’t believe how over-packaged this battery charger is.

Have you ever ordered something that required delivery on a pallet? How big was it? Did its size necessitate the pallet? No matter what your responses to these questions are, I’m guessing you’ve never gotten a package delivered quite like this.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it—this is pretty bad packaging. Check out this video:

Now before we go any further, I feel the need to point a couple of things out:

  • It’s unlikely that the shipping company actually packaged this, they’re just in charge of the shipping.
  • The receiver of this item stated that this was an international shipment, so there’s also a chance that a pallet was required for the overseas delivery.

That being said, holy cow, right? 

I mean, even taking those things into account, this is still a horribly inefficient and unsustainable was to ship something.

Let’s start with the pallet. I understand that some international shipments might need a pallet so that items don’t get shuffled around in transit, but there’s got to be a better way. If 50 other people also order a battery charger from the same seller (retail price: ~$30), do all of them get their own pallet? Are we okay with items so small taking up so much space while in transit?

How often have you ordered something from another continent? I’ve ordered clothes, textbooks, and electronics from Europe and Asia and none of those shipments arrived at my home on their own pallet. At the very least, the pallet should have been removed before it got to the customer’s doorstep.

Now let’s talk about the box—It’s incredibly oversized. The stapled down plastic wrap does a good job of keeping the battery charger from bouncing around in the box. But do you know what else would have kept the charger from bouncing around? A smaller box!

Something few people realize is that the best possible protection against products damaged in transit is a custom sized box that removes all the excess space.

Last week we talked about how a good opening experience and well-fitting boxes can have a profound impact on your branding. What kind of brand message does your customer get when they get a package like this? They’d probably be asking themselves “did I get the wrong shipment?” Or “am I paying for this pallet?”

One thing I guarantee customers won’t be thinking is “what great service I’ve received!”

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