3 Tales of Packaging Terror

When dimly lit warehouses are almost devoid of life and the industrial lighting starts to flicker. Whenever you hear a whisper coming from empty shelving, or the stress of filling all the holiday orders starts to build….

That is when you know that Halloween is just around the corner. There is never a better time to hear the stories that keep the packaging industry up at night.

Tonight, we present to you three tales of packaging terror for your enjoyment.

halloween tale of packing peanuts

The Tale of the Bottomless Packing Peanuts


Dave knew it wasn’t a good idea to use this much void fill in your packaging. The materials are usually pretty unsustainable and it would almost always be better to just ship a smaller box. After all, none of Dave’s customers liked paying to ship packing peanuts to their house.

But something is off with this newest package. The box was massive, much too large for a simple USB drive. There was enough peanuts in there to fill a coffin. Dave wondered if there was anything in the box at all. His first mistake was reaching in the box to find out…

halloween tale of wasted space

The Tale of the Mostly Empty Box


Hannah was getting frustrated. This was the third time the model train set she ordered online was damaged in shipping. And she knew exactly why it had been damaged. Didn’t the company know that sending items in an oversized box increased the chances of the item jostling around and breaking?

Hannah’s decided that it’s time to take action. She’s not only going to get her model train delivered undamaged, but she’s also going to get the train company to start using smaller boxes. Unfortunately, some very dark secrets are lurking in the boxes’ empty space…

tale of box inventory

The Tale of the Box Inventory that Ate Everything


Another night shift, another new box size. Josh knew that all these box sizes were about to eat up all of their warehouse space. He tried to tell his supervisors about On Demand Packaging®—a packaging system that replaces all box inventory with a machine that creates any style and size of box when you need it—but no one would listen to him.

Now Josh is about to start another nightshift at the warehouse. He will soon realize that warehouse space isn’t the only thing his company’s box inventory is eating…

One thing that can protect your company from the terrors of endless packing peanuts, wasted box space, and an infinite box inventory is On Demand Packaging®. If you would like to learn more about how Packsize can help you, fill out the form below and contact us today.


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