Automated Packaging For 3PLs

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce labor, and increase efficiency with Right-Sized Packaging On Demand®.

Increase Operational Efficiency

One of the biggest challenges many 3PLs face is space. When space is limited, it can severely impact your ability to bring in new customers and manage seasonal fluctuations. Automated Packaging solutions optimize warehouse space while streamlining the packaging process to increase efficiency. There are a few reasons why this works:

Eliminate Box Inventory

Free up warehouse space by creating the boxes you need on demand. Only use the boxes you need, when you need them.

Reallocate Labor

Less workers are needed to operate a Packsize machine, making movement and storage smaller factors when considering space optimization.

Increase Throughput

Automation drastically increases throughput, allowing products to move through the warehouse and onto the shipping truck within minutes of an order being placed.

How Right-Sized Packaging On Demand Works

We know that no two warehouses are exactly the same. That’s why our automated box-making machine systems can be customized to fit any workflow.

Once your product dimensions are entered into the machine (either through a barcode scan, manual scan, or your WMS), our corrugated z-Fold® is fed into the machine and cut into a right-sized box in seconds. These multi-patented, automated On Demand Packaging® machines are equipped for large box production environments across a wide variety of industries.

Right-Sized Packaging Benefits You, Your Customer, and the Planet

Reduce Waste and Lower Your Carbon Footprint

By creating a right-sized box for every order, you only use the amount of corrugated you need, when you need it. Right-sizing also reduces or eliminates the need for plastic void fillers like bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

Smaller boxes also take up less space on trucks, meaning you can fit MORE products on a single shipment. This significantly cuts down on carbon emissions, while saving you money on DIM weight and shipping costs.


Want to learn more?

At Packsize, we have a dedicated team that oversees third party logistics (3PLs) ecosystem to make sure that everyone can utilize our right sized automated packaging solutions.

We do this because of our commitment to empower 3PLs with economic and sustainable throughput solutions enabling 3PLs to better serve their customers.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Ensure your products arrive safe and sound.

Cost Savings

Reduce material and shipping costs, including dimensional weight charges.

Stop Storing Boxes

Create cardboard shipping boxes on demand.

Increase Sustainability

Create less waste and use only recyclable materials.

Save Money With On Demand Packaging

Packsize solutions cut down on costs in several ways. Our corrugated z-Fold is more affordable than stock boxes, and you get more out of it by only paying for what you use. And since your boxes are right-sized, you aren’t wasting excess space, which minimizes damages and eliminates excess void filler.

Right-sizing also cuts down on shipping and DIM weight charges by up to 33%. Beyond that, you’re able to cut down on labor costs and increase throughput, allowing more orders to get out the door, faster. For 3PLs, this means you can move more products for your clients and take on a higher workload.

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