7 ways the X7™ will modernize your fulfillment process

Did you Hear?

Packsize just launched the X7a fully-automated packaging solution that can process your company’s single-item orders to produce fully-packaged boxes This new machine is revolutionary for high-volume fulfillment centers.

We’ll be talking a lot more about the X7 in many different channels, but if you’re looking for the CliffsNotes version of why this is a big deal, we’ve got a brand new infographic that talks about seven ways the X7 will modernize your fulfillment packaging process. Below the infographic, we’ve included more detail.

  1. Enhanced speed and reliability to fulfill up to 1,200 orders per hour.
    • Delivering the most needed functions to make, pack, and ship a right-sized box in just three seconds, the X7 handles single-item orders with ease. This advanced functionality allows for fast, high-volume throughput, 20-30% faster than competitive solutions. Thanks to its advanced manufacturing and development methodology, the X7 is reliable, giving you the ability to get orders out on time.
  2. Reduced reliance on labor by adopting a fully automated solution.
    • It’s clear that optimizing your warehouse for the future begins with addressing the labor issues of today. As a fully automated solution, the X7 reduces labor-intensive manual packaging processes with advanced manufacturing and software technology and provides a reliable answer to labor shortages.
  3. Increased sustainability because right-sizing decreases your carbon footprint.
    • The biggest driver in packaging continues to be sustainability, which is also seeing continued attention due to the rise of e-commerce. The X7 facilitates positive, sustainable change through smart use of resources, an observed reduction in wasteful packaging, and helps retailers reduce their carbon footprints.
  4. Increased customer satisfaction through an observed reduction in wasteful packaging.
    • When customers receive a package that is oversize the first place they go to share their disappointment is online. Simply put, customers are happier when they don’t have to throw away excessively large boxes and endless filler. According to an industry study commissioned by Packsize, “Quantifying the Value of Sustainability” organizations following these practices realize favorable customer satisfaction, higher customer retention levels, and increased cost savings.
  5. Lower freight costs with fewer line-hauls and DIM weight reductions.
    • Larger-than-needed packages shipped via truck, rail, ship, or plane waste valuable fuel resources. Right-sized orders produced by the X7 require fewer line-hauls and achieve dimensional weight parcel savings.
  6. Fewer damages through superior right-sized product protection.
    • Right-sizing orders reduces damages during shipping and delivers superior product protection, resulting in fewer returns.
  7. More space to stock merchandise and not boxes.
    • A custom box-making solution reduces box obsolescence and management since there is no longer a need to stock and manage a large number or variety of box sizes. The X7 also gives retailers the ability to optimize warehouse space for other value-driving activities.


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