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What makes us so hyped for boxes?

About Packsize and the corrugated packaging industry


Packsize leads a worldwide packaging revolution by eliminating the need to buy and store pre-made boxes. We help businesses address their number one packaging problem—excessive packaging. Packsize On Demand Packaging®, which includes a mix of hardware, software, consumables, and services, accomplishes this all while delivering 11 distinct benefits that drive down costs and improve the financial and labor performance of your packaging operation.

It all points back to our why


Excessive packaging negatively impacts the global environment. Undue carbon emissions result from the manufacturing of unnecessary packaging materials, many of which are not reusable. Larger than needed packages shipped via truck, rail, ship or plane waste valuable fuel resources.

Insufficient packaging can also adversely impact genuine environmental efforts through product damage that requires a replacement be sent to the customer. Studies show that right-sizing a box to best fit products reduces damages during shipping.

Packsize helps your business identify the right-sized corrugated packaging for your products, which in turn contributes to lower carbon emissions and fuel needs. The right-sized package drives a ripple effect on storage, handling, and transportation efficiencies as it travels through every trading partner in the supply chain.

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