An Introduction to Our Technology


At Packsize we specialize in making boxes that are customized to the item being shipped.  Providing a custom built box for every item that a person or company ships has multiple benefits. 

The first and perhaps most important benefit to our customers is that an appropriate and customized box for each individual item is a safer way to ship items and results in less damage due to the shipping process.  The main benefit that we see is to our environment. 

Millions of cubic meters in landfills are stuffed with old and excess packaging supplies.  Our technology has already saved a significant tonnage of shipping waste from being permanently stored in the world’s landfills. 

We take pride in our environmental accomplishments.  The way in which we do this comes from the technology we use to make the customized boxes.  We employ four main machines while conducting business.


·         The EM-7 if the first of these machines and perhaps is the most versatile machine in our arsenal of box making equipment.  It is an advanced piece of machinery that has the technology capable of making even the most complex of customized boxes.

·         Its big brother, ironically with a lower numerical designation, the EM-6 is designed especially for the customized production of large boxes.  The EM-6 gives us the capability to ship windows, doors, furniture, and manufacturing parts with fitted boxes.


·         Our Auto Gluer is top of the line in quality.  Synched with the EM-7 and EM-6 it securely binds the customized boxes in less than five seconds

·         The Cassette Changer that loads corrugated bales into box making machinery is an effective and cost reducing tool as it enables more bales to be used effectively.