Any Eco Friendly Way to Deal with Extra Cardboard


As companies continue to ship their products in cardboard boxes that are just altogether too large, consumers are going to be left with an excess of cardboard. Figuring out to do with your cardboard can be a great challenge. Instead of letting it fill up your recycle or clutter your garage, you may be able to find a creative use for your cardboard.

If you want to be environmentally conscious and recycle the cardboard, you may want to start a compost pile inside of a cardboard box.  Because the cardboard box is biodegradable, the box will simply become a part of the compost pile as it decomposes. To create a successful compost pile with your cardboard boxes, you will want to start with two large boxes.  Open them at each end and then tape the bottom flaps open. Then, place the box on some sticks or rocks so your pile is about two inches off of the ground.

As you add to your compost pile, you will want to start with a dry layer. Often times people put dead leaves, grass clippings, saw dust or even shredded cardboard as their dry layer. Then, add a wet layer.  The wet layer should constitute your soil and kitchen waste. Add a few drops of water to this layer. Continue alternating between the dry and wet layers.  As the pile continues to grow, you can tape another box to the pile and continue putting more waste into your compost pile.



As the pile decomposes you will find that it will turn into humus.  Humus is a dark and earthy fertilizer that should be crumbly to the touch. You can use this humus to fertilize your garden or your yard.

Until companies start using the Packsize model of on demand packaging, you may find that you can create an abundance of compost piles! If you aren’t interested in a compost pile, you may be able to find a new and innovative way to use all of the extra cardboard you have.