An Average Package Contains 40% Air

There is nothing worse than diving into a new bag of chips, only to be disappointed when your hand has to travel half the length of the bag to touch your first chip. You look inside to discover a disappointingly half-full bag of chips in your lap. Your heart sinks into your stomach in disappointment. At least something is filling your stomach though right? Since your chips won’t be.

  40 percent airanother

There has long been a discrepancy between how much we expect to get in a package, and how much is actually given. The same is true of the packaging world in general.

Billions of packages are sent around the world every year. On average, about 40% of these packaging materials are empty space that could have been used for a better purpose. This means that 40% of that packaging material will be wasted and thrown out once the package arrives. Times that percentage by the millions of pounds of waste that we throw away at the end of every year, and we end up wasting about 12 million tons of packaging materials.


Packsize has created a machine that will create a custom sized box for your shipping needs, rendering impossible the excessive 40% of air that you would send in each box. The longer you used it, the more time, materials and money you save by not falling prey to the “half-full bag syndrome” of packaging. In addition, you would be helping the environment from the millions of cubic feet of landfill space taken up by packaging materials every year.

Instead of making one bag with half the product, they could use the same materials to make two chip bags. They could save money on shipping costs, packaging process & materials, and help the environment. The same concept applies to you and filling your packaging needs. Start saving money and protecting the environment today.