Battling the Landfill Epidemic


Have you ever considered where the contents of your trash can disappear to after the garbage truck picks it up at your curb?  The average household will produce over one hundred pounds of trash a week. A hundred pound a week!  All of this trash and all of the trash produced by corporations and industries around the globe are taken to landfills where it sits to rot and later be buried in the ground.  The enormous amounts of trash being literally placed with in the earth’s surface can cause serious pollutants is two main forms. 



Decaying organic and synthetic materials buried in landfills give off toxic gases that pollute the air.  The most common and dangerous gas produced by decaying matter in landfills is methane gas.   Methane is a more destructive greenhouse gas than is carbon dioxide and populations who live near landfills have been shown to be more likely to suffer from lung and heart diseases than people who do not live in the vicinity of landfills.  Pollutants likewise seep downwards into the groundwater and aquifers that provide humans with their drinking water.  Toxins leaching into ground water can be extremely detrimental to human health and have been shown to inflict such serious degasses as cancer and nervous system disorders in humans who ingest the polluted water.

 At Packsize, we are doing our part to mitigate the damage done by landfills on the human race.  To date, our green business methods and awareness have saved over ninety thousand cubic meters of waste from ending up in landfills.  We are proud of this claim and are proud to say that with our responsible business techniques and products we are on the leading edge of truly green business.