Cabinet Manufacturers with Hardware and Software from Packsize are Reducing Damage

Kitchen remodeling projects shouldn’t be put on hold due to damaged orders. The unfortunate fact is that this happens more frequently than one would expect and it’s typically because of sub-par shipping procedures. Cabinetry that arrives with smashed corners, broken knobs and damaged doors can often be attributed to the box it arrived in. A lack of protection where it counts is an oversight that can be easily corrected with automated, right-sized packaging solutions from Packsize.

According to a 2019 industry report by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, housing renovation work is valued at $450 billion. Additional data show that the cabinet industry alone could be worth $17.1 billion as soon as 2021. That’s a big economic pie, and companies looking to take a slice out of it should not risk delivering broken items and ruining their reputation in the process.

When it comes to kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, the outbound shipping department is the last stop before orders make what’s arguably the most important journey to the customer. Here’s how to transform shipping from a shot in the dark to sure-fire safety:

  • Packsize hardware and software allow companies to design and produce boxes of any size and style — with reinforced corners, in a time-saving manner.
  • Cutting down on box inventory offers more space for product storage in the warehouse. Some companies that have made the switch to Packsize have been able to dramatically reduce cardboard stockpiles from 500 items down to five leaving more room for product production and increased sales.
  • Multiple Packsize machines in different sections of a single business can be tasked with essential pre-programmed SKU responsibilities, further increasing speed and efficiency. In fact, it’s possible to package three pieces of cabinetry with custom-made packaging material in less than two minutes.

With On Demand Packaging® from Packsize, companies can simultaneously keep up with e-commerce demands while cutting down on complaints from customers about orders that were damaged during shipping. Internal issues such as delays in the workflow process and getting products out in the mail quicker can also be resolved by using Packsize solutions. No longer do cabinet companies need to rely on a massive stockpile of cardboard boxes in hopes of having one that fits just about right. Rather, operations that align themselves with Packsize can design the right-sized box for the job in real-time. The net result is an order that arrives free-of-defects and allows contractors to knock out kitchen renovations without unnecessary hiccups.

Are you ready to dramatically improve your packaging process, reduce cabinetry damage and take advantage of the growing housing renovation market? Contact Packsize today!