You Can Boost Brand Awareness and Convey Your Message with a Box-making Machine

Listening to “boots on the ground” workers is one of the best ways for business owners to get an idea of the problems their employees may face on a regular basis. A warehouse packed to the brim with unused packaging material and little space for product as a result? That’s undoubtedly a problem and it’s going to hurt your bottom line, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, it’s possible to get a micro-business off the ground for as little as $3,000. A home-based franchise could be had for less than half of that amount. Small as those amounts may be, they still represent a big investment in and commitment to a vision company founders would like to see proven profitable.

The first thing that owners or CEOs should do when looking to conserve resources, while finding solutions that promote their company, is utilize tools that can help them achieve financial goals. Whether that means operating out of a smaller office, investing in the right advertising avenue, or putting to use custom box-making machines for efficient shipping; there’s no shortage of choices for leaders ready to make big decisions. Let’s talk briefly about some of the other tools your small business can use to save money.

According to, shared “suppliers, mailing lists, and distribution channels” can help decrease the cost-prohibitive nature of advertising. Despite how streamlined it may be to handle everything in-house, the payoff of advertising makes the initial investment worth it as more consumers are made aware of your company and services. While some may opt for building a website and paying the hosting fees, there are also free options from platforms like Wix and Squarespace. Similarly, print advertising can be swapped for email lists and social media platforms that reach a wide world of users.

Here’s the kicker: the various perks that Packsize offers simultaneously allows companies to both save money and increase brand awareness.

By using a box-making machine from a company like Packsize, you will give your shipping department the chance to craft form-fitting boxes that decrease the likelihood of damages during the mailing process. That means you won’t be spending a small fortune on dozens of different cardboard box sizes and a bunch of packing peanuts to keep everything inside secure. With technology on your side, you can also cover the exterior of the package in your brand’s logo or other company messages—such as the fact that less natural resources were used in the shipping process thanks to using a right-sized box.

How can you know that something as simple as changing the way you ship items can have a lasting effect on your company? You can fill out the form at the bottom of this page and contact us today for a full packaging analysis. We always work to make sure our On Demand Packaging® solutions are profitable and cost-effective before installing with a new company. Recently, we released the iQ3, which is a machine specifically designed to work with smaller businesses and ship-from-store solutions.