Cardboard Halloween Costumes


It’s no secret that we’re fans of cardboard around here. After all, it’s kind of our thing.

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’ve seen some incredibly creative uses of cardboard for costumes that has impressed us. It turns out that while cardboard is indeed a great shipping material, it is also incredibly useful for creative folks to use as costume material.



Here are some of our favorites that we have found around the web:

1-      S’mores costumes. For adorable couples. Simply take a couple of panes of cardboard for each person. Leave the exterior pane on each half of the couples costume default light brown, then paint one person’s interior pane white, and the other person black. Wear these panels on the front of your clothes, and make s’mores when you hug!

2-      Candy packets. A great option for kids and adult alike. Take large panes of cardboard and put them together in an inverted “V”. Cut out neck holes to fit to have the person wear it on their neck. Paint the cardboard as Skittles, M&Ms, or any other candy that you prefer. You are candy now!

3-      Phone Booth. Whether you want to go with London red or New York Blue, phone booths are quite easy to put together.

4-      Minecraft. Fans of this indie gaming darling number in the millions due to the quant charm of the blocky world they can explore. We’ve already seen many people make their own costumes- and it turns out that cardboard is perfect for constructing these.

5-      Cardboard Box. For fans of irony, this one is pretty solid.

Be sure to comment with any other super creative cardboard costumes that you like! We love to hear about them. Have a happy Halloween!