Beware of Phony Job Posting Scams.

Please be aware that certain individuals, unknown to Packsize, have posted unauthorized on-line job postings and have actually made fictitious job offers, purportedly from Packsize.  Packsize takes such matters seriously, and is working to do everything it can to eliminate this unauthorized conduct.  By making you aware of this, we hope to prevent unsuspecting individuals from falling victim to this scam.

What is Recruitment fraud?
Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scam offering fictitious job opportunities. Packsize is seeing such fraud perpetrated through online services, free university and community job boards, or through unsolicited e-mails claiming to be from a certain company. Such emails then request the recipient to provide personal information (that could lead to identity theft), or payments to process applications for jobs that do not exist.

How to Identify Recruitment Fraud

  1. The perpetrator requires payment to process an application.
  2. The perpetrator does not actually interview the candidate via phone calls, Skype, or in person.  Packsize does not interview over email.
  3. There is an early request for personal information such as address details, date of birth, resume, passport details, bank details, etc. 
  4. The candidate is told they are “hired” before the alleged company manager or supervisor can make it back from a business trip, but there is a sense of urgency to get started.
  5. As a part of the job, the candidate is requested to contact other companies/individuals such as lawyers, bank officials, travel agencies, courier companies, visa/immigration processing agencies, etc.; or asked to conduct personal shopping, make bill payments, placing orders and picking up deliveries.
  6. E-mail correspondence is often sent from a foreign country or free web-based e-mail accounts such as,,,,,,, etc..  If the email address doesn’t follow the “(employee name)” convention, it is almost certainly not legitimate.
  7. When you call the corporate headquarters of the company, they confirm that there is no one by that name working for the company.