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Supply Chain Brain: Sustainable Packaging Saves the Planet – and the Bottom Line

Sustainable packaging greatly benefits the bottom line in addition to its ecological benefits, says Hanko Kiessner, chief executive officer of Packsize International. See his full interview with Russell Goodman of Supply Chain Brain here, and read an adaption of the interview here.

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AusPack: Made to size on the spot

A global leader in On Demand Packaging®, Packsize International manufactures several custom packaging machines and has software to sync them with online orders, so that the boxes are made to size on the spot to match with the order. The Australian subsidiary is Packsize Pty Ltd, which has already delivered many solutions for customers here in Australia since being established three years ago, according to managing director Sean Ledbury. Read the full article here.

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AutoDesk’s Redshift: How One Company Thinks Outside the Box With On-Demand Packaging

It’s a frustrating and common e-commerce experience: receiving a small item in a huge box filled with plastic air pillows or other packing material. The shipper may find it convenient to use just a few box sizes, but it’s a big waste. Read the full story on AutoDesk’s blog, Redshift, here.

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The Green Living Guy: Staples Smart-Size is Green Size

Staples is collaborating with Packsize to use Smart-Size Packaging technology to improve its packaging line. This initiative has reduced Staples’ corrugated use by more than 15 percent and void fill by 60 percent! This blog post details how it works. Read more here.

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DC Velocity: Flush with success

Product damage problems led Ferguson to seek a new way to package its fragile toilets. An innovative custom solution from Packsize solved the problem—and cut labor and materials costs to boot. Read the full article here.

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Modern Materials Handling—Revive IT revamps packaging workflow with On Demand Packaging®

Revive IT’s managers and operators knew they had to take a different and more innovative approach to their packaging operations process. This article follows Revive IT as they integrate On Demand Packaging® solutions into their supply chain. Read the full story here.

Read More gives six eco-friendly packaging ideas to make your shipping line more sustainable; and right-sizing makes the list.

Here are six ways you can make your shipping line more sustainable. Packsize’s Melissa Clyne contributed to number two on this list. Read the full story here.

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Inside Logistics—The Gear Game

Packsize customer MEC goes omnichannel in this cover story for Inside Logistics. This article follows MEC as they upgrade their ERP. The story is contained on pages 16-19. Read the full story here.

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With Amazon operations to begin in weeks, Salt Lake City mayor hopes they’ll team up with Packsize

“I’m kind of hoping, at some point, Amazon teams up with Packsize to decrease the size of their boxing,” Biskupski said. “Packsize is right here in this neighborhood — so maybe there’s an opportunity there for them to partner.” Read the full story here.

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Air Apparent: Improving Utah’s air quality

Hanko Kiessner discusses initiatives that can help clean up Utah’s air situation: “We need to stop burning natural gas in favor of heating and cooling heat-pump technology that works with electricity. And if electricity is generated with solar energy and wind, then we have a completely sustainable system.” Read the full story here.

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