The Customer’s Packaging Experience Yields a Moment of Truth for Brands

Retail brands can have an impact now by right-sizing with Packsize.

From the straw ban proposal of 2018 to a recent Lenten appeal to give up plastic packaging and disposables by the U.K.’s Church of England, a consumer packaging revival is on the rise. Excessive packaging continues to be among the most common online shopping complaints. Smart brand owners are taking notice by putting increased focus on their customers’ packaging experiences.

According to, consumer demand for sustainable packaging has risen in parallel with concerns about the environment. More than half of consumers today say that the recyclability, sustainability, and biodegradability of packaging factors into their purchasing decisions. A global study by Nielsen reports 52 percent of consumers said their purchase decisions partly depend on packaging, specifically saying they check the label to see if the brand is committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Packsize puts a spotlight on packaging today with a new three-minute video that gives suggestions for avoiding plastic and methods for improving the consumer’s experience through right-sized corrugated packaging that’s both recyclable and reusable.

Packsize helps companies transform and optimize their packaging systems through lean methodologies applied to corrugated packaging. The improvement gains often include correctly-sized boxes that contribute to companies attaining both a carbon footprint reduction and cost savings. By right-sizing with Packsize, customers cut their corrugated and filler materials use by 60 to 80 percent. Additional savings are often realized through less square footage dedicated to racking.

Watch the full video here: