USPS Changes Their DIM Weight Pricing

Dimensional weight, or DIM weight, is a pricing mechanism that applies to larger packages with lower weights. DIM weight impacts e-commerce merchants who pay for the space packages take up in a truck, as opposed to the actual weight of the package itself.

DIM weight is calculated for every package larger than one cubic foot. If you’re unsure if your package fits that size requirement, you can calculate your package’s volume (L x W x H). Anything greater that 1,728 cubic inches—the amount of cubic inches in a cubic foot—could be impacted by DIM weight charges.

The DIM weight calculation is (L x W x H)/(DIM Divisor) = DIM Weight. If the DIM weight is greater than the actual weight, your parcel will be charged as if it weighed as much as its DIM weight. Various shippers use different DIM divisors, and that divisor can change for international or retail shipping, but the most important thing to remember about it is that the lower the DIM divisor, the greater the DIM weight. The recent changes by USPS have made the DIM weight divisor 166. In other words, (L x W x H)/166 = the DIM weight.

The divisor for both FedEx and UPS sits at 139 for domestic and international shipments. It’s vital that calcualtions are made correctly as penalities can eventually be brought upon companies who require shippers to correct errors in DIM weight calculations. All UPS Air and Ground packages qualify for DIM weight pricing as do all FedEx Express and ground packages. USPS is the only one of the three that doesn’t factor in DIM weight processing until a package surpasses the size requirement of one cubic foot.

UPS separates itself from the pack when it comes to heavier packages and usually offers the lowest prices available, but it’s important that every business takes the time to compare rates and also do what it takes to make sure that their packaging is working for them and not against them.

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