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Send a letter to e-commerce company

Write your own or copy the text below and paste in to an email to help encourage your favorite e-commerce company to impliment a right sized packaging system.

Sample message Content

Dear [Company Name]:
I have been quietly hating the excess packaging waste I regularly receive with my online orders for a long time and decided to write.

On [date], I placed an order for [the product]. Unfortunately, upon receiving it on [date], (select from the following list your issue with the packaging and delete the rest):

– The packaging didn’t fit. It was much too large or the wrong size for the product I received.

– Because the packaging was too large, there was a lot of additional packaging material that I had to throw away. It is important to me that your company and others start finding eco-friendly or biodegradable alternatives. I would appreciate it if you would stop sending packaging peanuts!

– Because the packaging was the wrong size, my product arrived damaged. Please confirm that you will arrange for [the item] to be collected or will provide information on how to return it at no cost.

Maybe it’s time to rethink how much packaging your products require to arrive safely and without damage.

I hope you will value my recent experience with your company. I look forward to receiving your response.