How the Fully Automated X7 Makes High-volume E-commerce Packaging Operations Possible

As companies see their e-commerce business blossom, they must be prepared to meet customer demands. To help those in e-commerce deliver products safely, efficiently, and as quickly as possible to their customers, Packsize developed the X7—a fully automated machine that can prepare 1,200 ready-to-ship packages an hour.

The X7 makes it possible for e-commerce to adapt to the modern work environment. Many companies thrive through single-item online orders. Every three seconds, the X7 can produce a box that perfectly matches the needs of specific online orders. When you combine the latest innovation with the reliability of the Packsize brand, recipients get a truly invaluable product.

Every company can now increase their environmental efficiency by eliminating wasted resources. Every box can be perfectly sized to limit the carbon footprint of any business. Sustainability is an issue that is becoming increasingly important to everyone. Your customers will notice a smarter use of resources and a move away from wasteful packaging. This is a feature that can be marketed and help drive more sales for any business.

While customers will notice less material wasted, X7 adapters will stock more merchandise and fewer boxes in their warehouses. The technology puts the company in control of their online fulfillment operation.

The X7 seamlessly integrates with PackNet® production and optimization software. In addition, other Packsize software modules and hardware accessories can easily be incorporated to improve performance, reporting, and analytics. The platform will help any operator manage their workflows and better manage the efficiency of their warehouse and ordering systems.

The sheer size of the worldwide support organization behind Packsize makes it easy for expert engineers and technicians to get in touch with businesses at the local level. Every configuration of the X7 is designed to help make, pack, and ship boxes with a three quick second throughput. It’s time to take your e-commerce business to the next level; it’s time to meet the X7.

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