Get the Right-sized Box with On Demand Packaging®

The term “on demand” can mean different things to different people. Some will accept that “on demand” means sooner rather than later.

Those in the business sector needing instant results want “on demand” to have a more literal definition: They make a request and it’s immediately set in motion. Packsize, which offers custom box-making machinery via a portfolio of On Demand Packaging® solutions, meets these expectations as rapid product delivery demands continue to rise.

Shoppers are starting to expect rapid one-day delivery from all of their online orders because some companies are more than happy to offer it for free. According to an April 2019 article from, Amazon’s rapid shipping has forced fellow powerhouses Target and Walmart to contemplate the same. The result of this brinksmanship about “delivery promises” has “reset” consumer expectations. “The back and forth is really around framing these services rather than fundamental changes in existing capabilities,” a consulting company told “What’s really, really important though is that both retailers in discussing this are really framing their capabilities around convenience—the number one issue for consumers.”

People clearly want their orders faster and cheaper than ever. Businesses that need to reach this rather high bar can turn to a line of box-making machines from Packsize that make an On Demand Packaging® solution possible—the X-series. Not only do companies that invest in these machines make boxes that fit orders better, but the speed of the packaging line is increased as well.

The X4 system, as an example, is capable of cutting, folding, labeling, and gluing a corrugated box in just 12 seconds. What’s more, our custom packaging solutions are never “one-box-fits-all.” Rather, Packsize software programs will assess the dimensions of the item being shipped so a more form-fitting parcel is produced. This takes the guesswork out of finding a box that’s nearly the right size. This wastes time and money—a pariah to effective businesses.

Improving upon these benchmarks, the X7 is another tool for companies who know that On Demand Packaging® is an essential part of production. This machine can cut, pack, and label a shipping-ready box every three seconds. The X7 would particularly benefit high-volume distribution centers, as speed is as important a consideration as creating right-sized packages, which can reduce shipping costs.

As your customers’ demands for rapid deliveries rise, Packsize’s custom packaging solutions are ready to meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule a free packaging consultation and see how you could benefit from an On Demand Packaging® solution.

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