Go Green to Make Green


By now, most people are familiar with the Green Movement. It is an initiative for people and businesses alike to reduce their environmental impact on the earth. Going green is a way to give back while also finding new and innovative ways to do business without being wasteful.

In the business world, choosing to go green and reduce admissions and wasteful usage can actually help a company by increasing profitability. Far from being merely a fad adopted to stay in vogue; going green actually encourages innovation and better performance.


Here are some ways that being eco- friendly can help your business:

1-      Going green engenders good will from your consumer base. Put simply, people appreciate ecofriendly companies and are more likely to patronize them because of it.

2-      People may pay more for services.

3-      Telecommuting important papers through online downloads and sent links not only saves on paper, but also has a higher rate of successful placement.

4-      Smart office power usage saves money on energy bills.

5-      Natural lighting is more pleasant for employees to be in. Improved mood will in turn lead to better efficiency and innovation. As a side note, this will again save money on energy bills.

In our industry, we have found that on demand packaging (combined with other ecofriendly methods) has been one of the best ways to go green while actually improving company performance. By focusing on better shipping methods and better safety for sent goods, we have been able to cut costs on cardboard and shipping alike while being able to guarantee more successful shipments.