Greenest Celebrities


People who, for whatever reason, are put into the public spot light are often viewed by others as important figures to be emulated.  Whether due to a shining sports career or a streak of Hollywood fame, those individuals who are classified as celebrities hold influential power over large numbers of people, and can set an example, either positive or negative, for others to follow.

Some have used this influential power to promote good while others have chosen to act how they wish without fear or care of any reprisals.  And that choice is up to each individual who has been set as a public figure for society.

But some have chosen to use their fame to promote environmentally friendly practices and habits among people.  This they have done for a variety of fundamental reasons, but nonetheless, here is a list of the greenest celebrities.

·         Leonardo DiCaprio

·         Ed Begley Jr.

·         Tom Hanks

·         Cameron Diaz

·         Brad Pitt

·         Edward Norton

·         Alicia Silverstone

·         Natalie Portman

·         George Clooney

·         Adrian Grenier

·         Daryl Hannah

·         Cate Blanchett

·         Josh Hartnett

·         Robert Redford

While the above list rattles off a few of Hollywood’s most influential environmentalists, there are many more celebrities and sports figures who are using their wealth and prestige to promote the struggle for a clean environment.  Here at Packsize, we likewise support and promote a greener planet.  Our industry leading environmentally conscious packing and shipping methods work in coordination with our efforts to continue to set the example for other businesses who are striving to go green.