Have You Checked Out Our Green Site Recently?

Sometimes it can be easy to forget, but the URL to this blog (Packsize.com/Green/News) is actually attached to a parent website. Have you checked out our green site lately? You’ll find a bunch of fun activities to try out while you’re there.

green site statsTake a moment to understand the facts about how bad packaging affects the environment in the Educate section. Learn how much empty space there is in the average package and how much of a difference it would make if we were to eliminate it.






green site bad packaging See bad packaging around the world in our Unite section. You can upload your own photo or video in this section. Once you do that, grab all your Facebook friends and then vote for your photo/video in the gallery. You might even win something if you do!






green site poll


Learn how your buying habits impact the environment in the Impact section. You probably didn’t realize that the number of packages you order online, the amount of empty space these packages have, and the kind of shipping you use has an effect on the environment. By taking our quiz, you can get an idea of what your packaging carbon footprint is, as well as a grade to compare it against your friends.




green site pledgeFinally, you can Take A Stand by signing our petition to join the movement against wasteful packaging. By doing so, you will be pledging to make a conscientious decision to purchase products shipped in right-sized boxes & from responsible companies. Once you’ve done that, share it with your friends and get them to sign the petition too!






So take a minute to visit the site and discover what the effects of bad packaging can have on the environment. Click the button below to go there now: