Here’s a preview of our latest infographic white paper.

When Staples fully integrates Packsize into their supply chain, the results will be equivalent to saving 100,000 trees every year. With that in mind, what kinds of savings can On Demand Packaging® bring to you? Well, with our newest infographic white paper, you can find out for yourself.

We’ll be giving you a preview of the white paper in this post, but you’ll have to download it for yourself if you want to know the full impact that Packsize’s box making machines can have on your company’s sustainability!

What’s in the infographic?

white paper thumbnailWe know that the average package is shipped with about 40% empty space. Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® helps you get that number closer to 0%. A 40% reduction in empty space will typically result in a 20% reduction in corrugated cardboard usage. In this infographic white paper, we’ll explore what a 40% reduction in space and a 20% reduction in corrugated means for you. You’ll learn what kinds of sustainability results you’ll see for every million square feet of corrugated cardboard you’re using now.

For example, have you ever considered how much space you could save if you were to make your boxes 40% smaller? It’s quite a bit. The implications of that amount affect your inventory, shipping, customer satisfaction, and even the rate your packages are damaged in transit.

What about how much void filler you’ll avoid using? When Staples switched to On Demand Packaging®, they reduced their air pillow usage by 60%! What most people don’t realize is that void fillers are often the most unsustainable part of their packaging. Packing peanuts, air pillows, and bubble wrap are made from materials that are much less recyclable than corrugated cardboard.

What do I do with this information?

Almost all the savings presented in this infographic are per million square feet (MMSF) of corrugated cardboard. If you know how much MMSF your company is currently using, you can multiply the numbers presented in the infographic by the yearly amount of MMSF your company consumes to get a rough estimate of how much your company could save every year with On Demand Packaging®

Don’t know how much MMSF you’re currently using? We can help you! Packsize offers a free box analysis that will tell you not only your current MMSF usage, but also how to minimize your SKU count, maximize corrugated yield, and potentially save your organization up to 35% of their packaging costs.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to download your infographic white paper right now!