Here’s How Packsize Helps Companies Connect With Environmentally-Conscious Customers

custom printed boxes


Deep down, consumers want to support companies that align with their personal beliefs. According to a recent study from financial services firm Morgan Stanley, young consumers between the ages of 16 and 24 place a large emphasis on ethics. Per the study, well over half of the 1,000 respondents said ethics are “very” or at least “somewhat” important when it comes to which company they support. This trend shows how important it is for companies to adopt environmentally friendly shipping practices and similarly let their customers know all about it. This can be accomplished by installing a custom box-making machine in your company’s shipping department. Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® systems use less packaging material and create form-fitting shipping containers as a result. Consumers would rather not throw out massive amounts of cardboard and fillers; so a better-fitting box is one that’s more Earth- and customer-friendly.

According to the Harvard Business Review, one possible outcome of moral shopping is that others will be inspired by such traits. This realization was made after asking a test group if they wanted to learn more about how a product was made—or how the final product was going to reflect on their business. “Our pretests show that people do think ethical attributes are important. So it’s not that they don’t care about them,” research co-author Rebecca Walker Reczek said.

Now here’s the take-away for businesses, according to the study co-author: “Companies that are making goods in an ethical way need to advertise their practices prominently on the package in the store—where people are making decisions. Don’t force consumers to seek out that information. People will use the information if it’s there. They just don’t want to look for it.”

The next question many may have is how does Packsize factor into the above statement? Easy: Custom-printed boxes created by Packsize’s machines can carry any sort of message or branding that the client desires. Why not send your customers a box that says something like “This Right-Sized Box was Made to be Environmentally Friendly”? You can use that one for free by the way.

Packsize, an industry leader in the customizable box-creation industry, offers machines capable of creating custom-fitting boxes that also offer clients the opportunity to better connect with customers. When you work with Packsize, you can create a custom box designed to fit every odd-shaped order or reinforced fragile items. And even though corporate social responsibility is its own reward, your customers will give you additional loyalty when they can feel good about the brand they’re supporting.