How Bongo International Cut Their Shipping Costs By 20%

Bongo International, founded in 2007 by CEO Craig Turnbull, lets consumers and businesses ship items to any location across the globe in three days, on average. As the company grew, packaging became a larger problem. “With over 160,000 customers utilizing our service worldwide, we recognized the need to find a more efficient packaging solution for international deliveries,” said Turnbull. This led the company to start researching Packsize’s On Demand Packaging®.

Before Packsize’s box making machines were implemented, Bongo would often have to manually cut a box-to-size when dealing with multiple items. This meant that Bongo employees could spend up to 15 minutes packaging a single order. In addition to this, international shipping costs are high enough that shipping empty space was not sustainable for the company.

To find out how Packsize dealt with these problems while simplifying Bongo International’s supply chain, watch our latest case study video below:


You can also read more about Bongo International by viewing our case study here. If you would like to learn more about how a box making machine can improve your shipping costs, click the link below to get in touch with one of our representatives: